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Book review: How not to die

Book review: How not to die

Author: Michael Greger

This book, hands down, has absolutely changed my life. It has changed what it feels like to be me. And it has done that through systematically walking me through how to eat better.

The top 10 leading killers–heart diseases, cancers, suicide–in the developed world are preventible, and sometimes even reversible by eating a healthy diet. The problem is most of us are not taught what a healthy diet is. My own views of a healthy diet came from the gym community, which overemphasised the role of protein. Yes, protein is important for recovery and building muscle, but by no means is it the first consideration when talking about overall health.

After presenting a ton of science, the book recommends eating a whole foods plant-based diet (WFPBD). It suggests eating whole plants, grains, mushrooms, legumes, fruits, and spices. It advocates against eating meat, processed foods, and other animal products.

Essentially it is a vegan diet, but the emphasis is on what you should eat versus what you should not. Technically if all you ate were potato chips that would be a vegan diet, but it would not be a WFPBD.

I personally have noticed a major improvement in my energy levels after switching to eating more plants, vegetables, and fruits. I rarely feel sleepy during the day and don’t crave sugary foods as much. I wrote more about how to have energy all day here.

Now, I don’t suggest all of you stop eating meat or turn vegan overnight. But I do suggest giving the book a read, and hopefully including more whole fruits and vegetables in your diet going forward.