Understanding Emotions Podcast

Great news: Understanding Emotions is now a top 5% podcast in the entire world! 

Understanding Emotions is a podcast that covers the A-Z of emotional intelligence. I discuss everything from the nature of self and suffering to social courage and confidence. I am on a mission to deeply study human psychology. This includes a study with traditional sources, like the university, and professors. But studying psychology exclusively in ivory towers is akin to studying swimming without water. So, I also spend time learning from non traditional sources: private psychologists, philosophers, monks, meditation masters, self-help teachers, you name it.

In this podcast, I share learnings that I have found to be most profound, most useful, and most true. I kid you not, this podcast can deeply benefit, and I daresay transform, any person who takes time to listen. It's a promise.

Understanding Emotions is available on any podcast player of your choice. But I suggest you subscribe to my mailing list as it ensures that any one private entity does not own the connection between you and me. You're special.


If you are new to the show, my episode on anger is the most popular episode of the show:

Many people also relate to and benefit from my episode on guilt:

Reasons that made me start the show are covered in the first episode:

People who identify as "nice people" or "people pleasers" will benefit immensely from this episode:

And if you are hooked, on the top of the page you will find all episodes in reverse chronological order. I only release 1 episode a month, so every episode contains a high dose of insight.