Understanding Emotions Podcast

Great news: Understanding Emotions is now a top 5% podcast in the entire world! 

Understanding Emotions is a podcast that covers the A-Z of emotional intelligence. I discuss everything from the nature of self and suffering to social courage and confidence. I am on a mission to deeply study human psychology. This includes a study with traditional sources, like the university, and professors. But studying psychology exclusively in ivory towers is akin to studying swimming without water. So, I also spend time learning from non traditional sources: private psychologists, philosophers, monks, meditation masters,  self-help teachers, you name it.

In this podcast, I share learnings that I have found to be  most profound, most useful, and most true. I kid you not, this podcast can deeply benefit, and I daresay transform, any person who takes time to listen. It's a promise.

Understanding Emotions is available on any podcast player of your choice. But I suggest you subscribe to my mailing list as it ensures that any one private entity does not own the connection between you and me. You're special.

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If you are new to the show, my episode on anger is the most popular episode of the show:

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And if you are hooked, on the top of the page you will find all episodes in reverse chronological order. I only release 1 episode a month, so every episode contains a high dose of insight.