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🫁 Breathe

🫁 Breathe
Photo by Nino Liverani / Unsplash

I've spent the last few days obsessing about breathing. Most of us breathe. And most of us are doing it wrong, at least partially.

We should be exclusively breathing through our noses (at rest, exercise or other stressors might merit opening the mouth). Yet most of us spend large amounts breathing through the mouth. That's a problem.

If you look at the teeth of any mammal barring us, you will never see a deformity or crooked teeth. If you look inside mouths of pre-industrial humans, you will not see crooked teeth either. Yet seeing misaligned teeth is very common in today's day and age.

Other ailments like anxiety, stress, athletic decline, and more can be traced to breathing patterns.

The reason why we should breathe through the mouth is:

(a) it humidifies the air

(b) it produces nitric oxide, which is good for us

(c) it maintains a balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in our system

I have been watching interviews by this guy called James Nestor (diary of a ceo interview) and reading his book Breathe. He's done a very good job of condensing the science in digestible words.

I've been taping my mouth shut every night and will report other thoughts around this topic as time progresses.

Until then, keep your mouth shut ;)