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☕️Take Frequent Breaks

☕️Take Frequent Breaks
Photo by Lubo Minar / Unsplash

I've recently been exploring the GrowthDay app, designed by Brendon Burchard. Originally, I discovered Brendon through his advice on marketing. However, his mesmerising speaking abilities - his extraordinary capacity to evoke emotions, convey energy, and inspire, soon caught my attention. Naturally, I wanted to learn his techniques. Thankfully, he created an app dedicated to "personal development," aptly named GrowthDay.

A pivotal tip I've picked up from him is the importance of taking regular breaks. In knowledge work, it's remarkably easy to lose ourselves in tasks such as reading, coding, or writing. However, extensive sedentary periods can lead our bodies into a state of lethargy. Remember, our bodies have not evolved for static living, they're designed to move, jump, and climb.

Now, you may think that breaks might disrupt your flow. I shared this apprehension initially, but surprisingly, after taking short breaks of about 2-3 minutes, I found my body better prepared for creation and productivity. The overall lethargy lessened, reducing the sensation of dragging myself through tasks.

Take for instance, the moment before I began writing this email. I'll confess, I was a bit grumpy and overwhelmed by the day's busy schedule - recording a reel in the morning, going to the gym, running errands, vocal warmups, and podcast recording. The thought of writing this email felt like another item on an already full plate.

And then, I took a break.

I simply stood up, used the "breathe" app on my watch, and allowed my body to relax for a minute.

Voila! This small act significantly improved my attitude towards writing this email. In fact, as I type these lines, I find myself kinda enjoying writing this email. A complete 360 shift.

My invitation to you is simple: Why not incorporate some breaks into your week?

You might wonder about the frequency and duration of these breaks. Currently, I aim for a break every hour or so. During these periods, I find a quiet room, stretch for a minute or so, then use the Breathe app on my watch for one minute of mindful breathing, eyes closed. Throughout this process, I consciously identify any tense parts of my body, aiming to relax them.

The entire routine takes just two minutes before I'm back at my desk. If you don't have access to an empty room, don't worry - even a restroom can serve you well!

These breaks offer several benefits. Closing your eyes provides a reset, allowing your visual cortex, the most substantial part of your brain, to rest. When you relax your muscles, you're unwinding tension that has likely built up during prolonged sitting. Finally, mindful breathing gives your mind a refreshing pause.

I encourage you to experiment with taking breaks throughout your week. I am confident you'll notice a difference.

I'm eager to hear about your experiences and thoughts on this subject. Have you found that breaks featuring stretching, napping, or walking impact your work positively? If you don't take breaks, what has stopped you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here's to a refreshing and productive week ahead.