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🎙Public Speaking

This week I completed the World's Greatest speaker training (reflections on public speaking below). I also answered questions on Instagram. I answered questions from "How to not seek validation" to "why I don't respond to DMs". They are still up on my stories - have a look if these questions interest you.

Overall, this was a good week for me as I got back into the habit of regular journaling. I have been using the GrowthDay app. Tool aside, the practice of reflecting on my week has been giving me clarity, and reducing my stress around the demands of content creation (and juggling it with a PhD).

I have also added 2-3 times a week of vocal warmups to my routine. I have been training with Roger Love. I find it miraculous how much my voice projects after doing his exercises, and I find myself enjoying speaking after doing the warmups.


No matter what job you do, it is important to know how to speak well.

We all have to speak in one measure or the other. Be it for a presentation, for a meeting, or at a party. Some of you might even want to speak on stage or on the internet.

And yet we are never taught how to speak.

As a result, we end up speaking as if we are talking in day to day life. Soft, without vocal inflections, without being emotionally centred.

However just like we don't pyjamas when we go out, our vocal and emotional outfit should be different when we speak. The voice we use for chatting with friends is not optimal for any instance of public speaking.

And yet we are never taught the skill of speaking.

Over the last few days, I have had the great fortune of going through a course called the 'World's Greatest Speaker Training'. I have also been studying social skills and acting for many years.

With this education, I think public speaking boils down to this:

80% emotional skills (letting go, self-esteem, confidence, rejection tolerance, etc.)

20% technical skills (vocal inflections, voice projection and melody, movement and posture, etc.)

Hear me explain these in video format in my latest video.